Clueless White Woman

July 28, 2008

The Drivel Connection

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We recently borrowed The French Connection from the library. It’s renowned as a classic, gritty cop drama about a narcotics bust. It won 5 Oscars. Worth watching, right?

Holy flaming crap. I have never wanted a protagonist to die as badly as I wanted Popeye the asshole to die (and that includes Zed in Zardoz). He’s a boozing man-whore who knows every ethnic slur and then some, but hey that’s ok because he’s a brilliant cop! Included is such brilliant policework as (1) sitting in a car for hours watching an Italian, because Popeye saw him in a restaurant, (2) tailing a suspect for hours wearing the most distinctive dumb hat in the universe, (3) guessing. The very last scene [spoiler warning *] when you hear the BANG and you desperately hope that Popeye has been killed in his last-ditch attempt to catch the French guy, BUT NOOOO the stupid pre-credit text tells you that he didn’t get shot (but the French guy vanishes, rather than turning up dead, so WHAT THE HELL ARE WE SUPPOSED TO THINK HAPPENED?!?)… The train-car chase was cool but that’s it.

* I don’t know why I’m giving a spoiler warning. It’s from 1971 for pity’s sake — if you haven’t seen it by NOW…


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