Clueless White Woman

June 20, 2008

SO HARD being rich!

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Hooooo boy… Nothing says “privilege” like including botox in a list of necessities (NECESSITIES!) you can pass on to save money. What a crisis. People will have to be wrinkly. ZOMG.

It reminds me of an article in the New York Times (style section of course) which waxed tragic about how the rich are having to make huge sacrifices. “It might be hard for the average person to feel sympathetic,” the article admits; it then proceeds for another thousand words describing how the rich are selling second houses, buying less shoes, blah blah blah blah blah. Really, I do not have any ability to feel sympathy if you’re complaining about only having five million when you once had twenty million. Boo fucking hoo.

Something tells me that these are not the people who need help in a receding economy. Although people who need to be reminded that botox is pricey, maybe they do need help. “Swift smack upside the head” kind of help. “Beating with a reality stick” kind of help. That kind.


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